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NOVEMBER 1, 2010 6:10PM

Death Came Knocking Today

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I awoke to the sound of my phone ringing. The caller did not beat around the bush, “Rodney’s dead. His girlfriend found him on the living room floor about 7:30 this morning. They don’t know how he died the coroner is going to determine the cause of death”. I see him in my mind’s eye laughing and making jokes; happy. I think about the last time I saw him and wonder if he killed himself.

He had constant problems with his abusive girlfriend. I tried to encourage him to get away from her but he couldn’t. Did she drive him over the edge? Should I have tried harder? Did I miss the signs of severe depression? He never seemed depressed, but he was usually in emotional distress because of their relationship.Well, she won’t have him to kick around anymore is about the only good thing I can attach to this nightmare.

I am told that when she called Rodney’s best friend to tell him that he was dead her main concern was whether his family would make her move out of his house. I would say that is a sure thing. They hated her. Everyone who cared about him did.  After they took the body away she said that she had worked late last night at her bartending job and that she was going to get some sleep.

So a sweet guy who fell for the wrong woman and spent day after day in agony because he could not bring himself to walk away is now dead. I wonder if he is better off. I know that the rest of us are not. He will be missed and there will be less laughter in the world.Goodbye, Rodney. You were loved by all who knew you except for the one person that you could never convince to love you back. I am so sorry buddy. 


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I posted this to honor a good friend who got a really bad deal in life. Eventhough, you would never know by being around him. He put one heck of a show
I don't know what to say, Zumi. Just wanted you to know that I'm reading your writing and I feel very sorry for Rodney too.
Thanks FusunA. Yes, this is a difficult situation. The woman who caused him so much pain called tonight to see if she could ride with me to the funeral which is going to be about 100 miles away. I am a forgiving person, but not right now. I think I am going to have to tell her that she shouldn't go at all. No one wants to even look at her. Never a dull moment:) Thanks for you interest in my posts. I know I am not a great writer, but it is cathartic to express myself.


Well crap!

And how are YOU doing?
And contrarty to your comment to FuSunA, you ARE an Excellent writer...cause I was right there with you. Writing is communicating and carrying the reader along....as well as many other things....and I got carried.
FusunA and J.D.,

You guys are so sweet and kind. Thank you so much for you input, support and compassion. It means more than you know!

God Bless,