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MARCH 7, 2012 9:02AM

A Romney Finally Steps Forward on Stupor Tuesday

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BOSTON - Those waiting for GOP presidential candidate Romney to step forward got their wish on Super Tuesday...only it was Cadillac Ann Romney (CAR) who stepped into the spotlight while her underperforming husband took the spouse position, smiling behind her on the podium.

“Do you know what women care about? Women care about jobs,” said Ann who has never held a job, but drives two Cadillacs paid for by her husband, who also does not have a job but instead supports the couple largely from investment income approaching $21 million a year.

Ann Romney afterwards clarified that she meant that women want jobs for their husbands and that those with jobs want their husbands to work longer hours and bring in more income.

"Look, every woman wants to walk out in her driveway and decide which Cadillac to drive," the candidate's wife explained. "But Cadillacs are expensive, especially when you start adding all those options.

 "It's also important for a woman to have a Caddy for each house she and her husband own. Mixing and matching the Caddy's color with the house's decor is critical. 

"Do you know what a person has to go through to get a job that will pay for a Cadillac, much less two? That's what a husband is for, especially if he's the governor's son, like Mittens," she explained.

"A woman's role is to raise the kids," said the candidate's wife who has raised the couple's five children.

Asked whether women want birth control, she said, "if the husband is a good provider, that question doesn't even enter the equation."

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They do Ozzie and Harriet better than Ozzie and Harriet.
Ha - extreme Ozymander and Harrying-it
Hey T. I'll bet she doesn't feel poor either.

Apparently, it takes a lot of dough to finance a rich spirit.
At Cranbrook Romney was a manager for the ice hockey team and a member of the pep squad, and during his final year joined the cross country running team.He belonged to eleven school organizations and school clubs, and started the Blue Key Club boosters group.-
Dr. Marla Ahlgrimm