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Dan Conley
Chicago, Illinois,
September 23
Cross-posting from two different blogs that I host, a movie and book review site and an essay site, where I am working through all 107 Montaigne essays by writing 107 essays of my own.


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AUGUST 28, 2008 11:22PM

President Obama

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Get used to it.  My Senator looked and sounded awfully Presidential tonight.  He was tough, he was thorough, he pivoted into the General Election while accenting the major themes of the primary fight.

Convention nominating speeches are usually clunky documents stuffed with zingers and promises.  They were in Obama's speech, no doubt, but it was an usually elegant speech for such an event.  It was logical and well structured and it saved the big emotional MLK tribute to the end.

Barack Obama has always been a soaring orator, but tonight be became both a political warrior and someone Americans can see as their next President.  John McCain -- not a strong podium speaker -- has an awfully tough task next week.  I wish him well ... but quite frankly ... he's toast.  Book your January 20th hotels and flights to Washington now.

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