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July 03
Retired TV writer/producer, mostly comedy, but also soaps and children's programming. Blogging because, like everyone else, things are on my mind.


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APRIL 3, 2009 11:04AM


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Seamus, welcome.

This thread needed it's first stupid, cheapshot comment. Whew!

So I went over to your blog to see what kind of post YOU put out there on OS's front lines and guess what .... it's empty! Blank! Perhaps that reflects the space between your ears.

Ah, well ... even Tennile had something to say.
Sorry, hack. I was waiting for someone to send me a chain e-mail so I can post it and claim it as it my own.

And that was no cheap shot! I looked you up on IMDB, studied your "career", the crafted a relevant joke. That's more time and effort than you put into an entire season of Flo!

The only cheap shot was your space between the ears comment. I would say you're above that, but considering the third rate hackwork that makes up your career, I'd be wrong!

Too bad you couldn't have figured out a way to tell me to Kiss your grits! You could have worked in your career highlight!
Paul, the subject of DJ first AND last name is way over his head. He's unable to discuss anything until Malkin or Hannity or Coulter have told him how.
Really Hawley! Oliver Stone? This man wrote for Captain and Tenille AND Flo! And you want to talk Oliver Stone! Oliver Stone?

 The guy wrot episodes of FLO! If that garbage was what this talentless thief produced when someone was paying him, why would you expect anything he writes for free to be intelligent, or coherent, or have a point?

Interesting that there's no link ot the actual story, or any factual evidence at all. John, you senile old nitwit, are you sure this isn't an old Flo script you had sitting around and confused with reality. Ole Swiss Cheese Brain Reagan used to confuse his movies with reality. Maybe that's what happens to dried up, worthless old Republicans!
Hey dummy! I know you're still basking in the glow of your thirty second bit part as GUY in a lifetime network show (Seriuosly, how in the toilet is your career that you're proud of that! "WHat's that Lassie? John Boni's career fell down a well? WHere do you expect talentless, third rate hacks to end up?") but i just googled it, and none of the news articles are more than 15 hours old, which is well after I asked for a link.

I know you republicans are all lazy douches, but generally, it's not that hard to provide a link.
xactly what kind of fucking mororn are you? You asked him to name a country that spent it's way out of a recession, he names a country, and you say it's not America.

If you truly believe Jesus and his pappy made everything in the world, you should be mighty pissed, because they made you ass fucking stupid.
seamus-As usual your vocabulary's....well, it just is...something.
Yes douchebag, i know how to use words. That's what happens when you make it ALL the way through high school. But once again, you don't adress the substance of the comment. I guess your GED didn't prepare you for that.
seamus- You know nothing about me and quite frankly there is real insecurity in your comments. What are you overcompensating for?
Why do you suppose that very smart economists, including the most recent Nobel Prize winner, think that increased government spending is appropriate now, DJohn? Is it possible that they understand economics better than the average person, or is it just a giant liberal conspiracy?
Rob-Economists are wrong all the time. Just because they win a Nobel Prize doesn't mean anything. I mean they gave one to Jimmy Carter and Yasser Arafat as well. Care to rethink that line of reasoning?
Economists are wrong all the time. Just because they win a Nobel Prize doesn't mean anything. I mean they gave one to Jimmy Carter and Yasser Arafat as well. Care to rethink that line of reasoning?

No, thanks. I think you've answered my question quite completely.
John, your comment is a real indicator of just how stupid you are. I know nothing about you? You spend hours a day on here, spewing your hypocritical, know nothing bullshit. Are you really so foolish as to suggest that there is nothing in those writings to indicate who you are?

Of course, most of what you write is shallow, poorly thought out tripe that you've regurgitated from other morons, so maybe you're right!
Djohn seamus55 doesn't have any posts...all he or she does is go around writing rank remarks on peoples blogs. Especially if you are a Christian.
Hey pig. I posted this on your page, but I'll post it here also.

How does that speak fo itself you brain dead pig? I'm not a writer. I've never claimed to be.

But what I am is the boyfriend of a woman who has MS. And i know that there's the possiblity that stem cell research could help her. And I'm not going to let some ignorant, white trash shitbag like you stand in the way of that possibility, just because your imaginary god might not like it.

So no, you skanky shitbag, I don't have any posts. And I'm not quite sure what it matters.
seamus-You really do have some anger issues my friend. That's not so good for the heart there Charlie Brown. If you continue to use profanity and vulgarity then you WILL be reported to the editor. Obviously your vocabulary is limited but there are other words that you could use.
Oh No! Are you going to tell on me John? Did I say a bad word and make baby jesus cry? Douche!
seamus-Seriously? What are you like 12?
Why, you going to ask me for a date?
Seriously, you believe Noahs Ark IS REAL!!!!!! and you were going to tell on me for using bad words, and you think I'm 12?

Rob ... your snarky response to DJohn below indicates that if someone wins a

HA! Sorry Dum-dum. At least this time you can take some comfort in the knowledge that you got your head handed to you by a talented, funny, accomplished professional writer this time, rather than some schmuck like me!


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