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  1. just phyllis

    I've Had Them for 6 Whole Days!

  2. Just Thinking...

    Equinox Harvest

  3. Rodney Roe

    The First Day of Fall

  4. Oryoki Bowl

    The MOO Club

  5. Gerald Andersen

    Signs You May Be Too Old For Rock Concerts

  6. Gerald Andersen

    OC Challenge: My Space

  7. super jane

    i didnt even have to blow anybody!!

  8. M. C. S.


  9. Johnny Robish

    Austin Police to Test Head Cameras

  10. Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

    US Begins Airstrikes on Syria

  11. Arthur Louis

    You're One of the Good Ones

  12. Inverted Interrobang

    Translation: We Must Kill The Bandits