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  1. Linda Seccaspina

    Who Are You?

  2. M. C. S.

    Winter Ghost

  3. old new lefty

    Now the fun begins!

  4. Maureen Andrade

    A Thank You Note for 2014

  5. Tinkerertink69

    Happy Fruck a Turkey in the Butt Day!!

  6. James M. Emmerling

    Feast Day

  7. skypixie0

    A Quickie At The Mall

  8. prismguard

    Nostalgia: Remember When Thanksgiving Was a Holiday?

  9. Terry McKenna

    Thankful For:

  10. theig86


  11. markinjapan

    "Israel – America’s Biggest Frenemy"

  12. zanelle

    Dys/functional Thanksgivings

  13. CatholicGirl

    Lovers Never Loved

  14. Arthur Louis

    Photo #16

  15. Snoreville Ledenrocker

    Thoughts on Furgeson

  16. Rw005g

    The Problem with Grand Juries

  17. koshersalaami


  18. onislandtime

    The Blue Wall

  19. Gerald Andersen

    An Autumn Prayer

  20. AJCalhoun

    A 50 Year Backward Glance