About Open Salon

About Open Salon

Open Salon is a publishing platform with a built-in audience. It was developed for writers, photographers and artists of any stripe in need of a smart home for their work (and not one of those giant, anonymous blog networks), and who are hoping to be rewarded for it. After a quick, free registration, you can immediately begin posting your words, images or videos to your blog, start building an audience and even earning money.

Open Salon is also a place where passionate media lovers can find a new generation of creative voices, and help them discover a wider audience.

Content Promotion

When you post on Open Salon, you find an audience in different ways. Outstanding posts are given an Editor's Pick tag by staff editors. The best of these posts are highlighted on Open Salon's homepage, and the very best posts can also be featured on the cover of Salon.com, the award-winning Web magazine, which boasts a monthly readership of more than 6.5 million monthly visitors. Your content may also turn up on Open Salon in various lists "Most Read" and "Top Rated," for example -- that track what your fellow members are reading, and what they like.

Money for Your Work

Open Salon includes a built-in peer-to-peer payment system called Tippem. Learn more about it here.

Open Calls

We request content through our Open Call box in the top right-hand corner of the home page. This tells you what content we're looking for on a given day and what could get you featured on the home page. We are always looking for original content (words, images or video) that fit the following categories: politics, personal memoir, images (photographs, illustrations, cartoons, etc.), first-person accounts, television, movies and books.

Possible Uses

The possible uses for Open Salon are as vast -- or narrow -- as you want. For our launch of Open Salon, we have recruited some great writers who cover a broad range of issues. We also are interested in members who might want to create blogs that focus on, or act as filters for, specific subjects (sports, gossip, the media, Wall Street, books, etc.). But we mostly want you to follow your own passions and pursuits. Maybe you want to create a blog that's targeted specifically to your local community, your soccer league, a high school graduation class, old TV shows, china patterns or Puggle fanatics? Knock yourself out!

We hope you'll use Open Salon to cover whatever passion you want to pursue.

If You Already Have a Blog

If you already have a blog and want to try out Open Salon, why don't you publish a post or two here and see how you fare with the Open Salon audience?

How To Get Started

Register. Set up your profile. Write one post. We think you'll find it pretty addictive.

Who is Open Salon?

The Open Salon staff:

Kerry Lauerman, Director
Thomas Rogers, Deputy Editor
Christopher Walsh, Designer

Architects: Jerry Palmisano, Jim Ruga

Rachel Hagen, Project Manager

Open Salon is published by Salon Media Group
Chief Executive Officer: Richard Gingras Editor in Chief: Joan Walsh