Open Salon Privacy Policy

Open Salon respects your privacy. This policy explains how information about you will be treated as you make use of the Open Salon site.

Salon Media Group Inc. ("Salon") provides Open Salon to you subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy. By registering with Open Salon or by using the Open Salon site (the "Site"), you accept and agree to this Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy may change from time to time, without notice other than appearing on the Site. The Revision Date below will show you when the Privacy Policy was last revised.


This Privacy Policy was last revised on June 23, 2009.


Registration and Account Information

You can access the Site without having an account and without submitting personally identifiable information. However, some features of the Site are available only if you register and establish an account with Open Salon (or if you already have established an account with Salon for the site).

In order to register you will need to provide some basic information, including your name, e-mail address and ZIP code. You will also need to create a password. We need this information to communicate with you and to ensure the security of your account. You may be asked to provide additional information, including your age, gender and income range. You don’t have to provide the additional information, but if you do it will be part of your account information.

When you register you will be asked to create a member ID (username). You may also include as part of your profile a photograph, birth date, location, company affiliation and other information, but you are not required to do so. The name and other information you enter as part of your profile will appear on your user profile page ("Profile Page"), and will also be part of your account information. The information you provide to establish an account and in creating your profile is referred to as "Account Information."

Salon will not associate your Account Information with your IP address. (An IP, or "Internet Protocol," address is a unique number associated with your computer that may be communicated to other computers and servers when you use the Internet.) However, your IP address may be communicated to and stored by Open Salon when you use the Site.

Data obtained from Account Information (such as age, gender and income range) may be merged into group data, which may then be used by Salon or provided to third parties in an aggregated form that does not include identifying information, in order to determine how advertising is placed on the Site. When we provide aggregated data to outside companies, it will not allow them to identify you or contact you.

Your Profile Page

Information that appears on your Profile Page is public. Salon will not provide other individually identifiable Account Information to any third party, except as set forth in Sections 6, 8 and 10 below. Salon will not use your e-mail address or other personally identifiable information to send commercial or marketing messages without your consent, except as part of a specific program or feature in which you choose to participate. We may, however, use your e-mail address without further consent for administrative purposes (such as notifying you of major changes to the Site, or for customer service purposes). We may also use your e-mail address to send you newsletters, news feeds and other editorial content, but you will either have to opt in to these services or you will be given the opportunity to opt out.

Participation in Advertising Programs

As explained in more detail in our Terms of Service, Salon may provide you with the ability to have third party advertising appear on portions of your Profile Page ("User Advertising"), including, for example, through the Google AdSense online advertising program.

If you opt in to User Advertising, you will need to provide information, including personal information such as your name, e-mail address, and other personally identifiable information, to the company that serves such advertising (the "Ad Company"). Salon is not involved in the collection of this information. You understand and agree that Salon has no responsibility for the collection, use, or disclosure of your personal information by any Ad Company or any other third party involved in User Advertising. To determine what information is collected and how it is maintained, used, and disclosed, you should read the policies and terms of service of the Ad Company involved. For Google's AdSense program, refer to the Google AdSense Online Standard Terms and Conditions.

An Ad Company that provides User Advertising may disclose information about your participation in and provision of User Advertising, including personal information you have provided to the Ad Company. The information shared by the Ad Company may include, for example, your name and other information identifying you or your Profile Page on Open Salon, the fact that you are participating in a User Advertising program, information about the placement, content, views, and usage of advertising appearing on your Profile Page, and information about revenue generated from your User Advertising. By opting in to User Advertising, you consent to the disclosure of such information to Salon, and to its use by Salon. Salon will not disclose such information to third parties, except as permitted by the terms of this Privacy Policy.


Open Salon allows you to submit and post text, photos, video, music, messages, comments, notes, advertisements, listings, links and other content (collectively, "User Content"). User Content that you submit to Open Salon or post on the Site, including any personal information included in your User Content, becomes publicly available and can be seen, collected and used by others.


Each time you visit the Site, our servers -- like most on the Web -- collect some basic information, including your IP address, domain name (e.g., whether the user is logged on from or, referral data (e.g., the address of the last URL a user visited prior to clicking through to the Open Salon Site) and browser and platform type (e.g., a Netscape browser on a Macintosh platform).

Open Salon also uses cookies and/or Web beacons. (A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser from a Web server and stored on your computer's hard drive, and that may be accessed when you use a Web site. A Web beacon is a small, transparent graphic image placed on a Web site, which allows the site to record the actions of a visitor opening the page that contains the beacon.)

Salon uses cookies, Web beacons and log file information to: (1) help deliver advertisements; (2) identify unique browsers that visit the Site; (3) track usage throughout the Site (e.g., tracking where traffic comes from, how traffic flows within the Site, etc.); (4) store information so that you will not have to reenter it during your visit or the next time you visit the Site; (5) monitor the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns; and (6) monitor aggregate metrics such as total number of visitors, pages viewed, etc.

Salon may merge information about users and usage of the Site into aggregated data, which may then be used by Salon and/or shared with our advertisers. When we provide aggregated information to outside companies, they will not be able to identify you or contact you based on that data. We will not disclose your individual identity or personally identifiable data, except as provided below.

There is one additional exception to the general rule that usage information is provided only in aggregate form. Salon saves usage information for individual Premium subscribers. This information may be collected for Salon Premium subscribers who use the Open Salon Site. This information will be used solely by our customer support team, to help resolve problems Premium subscribers may have. It is not used for any other purpose, shared with any third party, or correlated with any other information you may have provided to order your Premium subscription.


We work with third-party advertising companies (including Google) who deliver ads you see when you visit our Site. These companies may use information about your visit to the Site in order to provide advertisements about goods and services that may be of interest to you on this Site and on other websites. When you visit the Site, these companies may place or recognize a unique cookie on your computer, or use other technologies such as Web beacons or pixel tags, to collect information about your usage of the Site. Our Privacy Policy does not cover any use of information that a third-party advertisement serving company may collect from you. However, the information collected in this way typically does not include your name, e-mail address, or other personally identifying information, unless you separately provide that information to the advertising company. For more information about behavioral advertising, and to opt out of the collection of information by advertisers who allow you to do so, please click here. In particular, to opt out of the collection of usage information by Google, please click here.

The Site may contain links to sponsor, advertiser or other third-party websites that are not owned or operated by Salon. Salon has no control over, and assumes no responsibility for, the conduct, practices or privacy policies of others. Review their terms of service and their privacy policies to learn how they handle your information.


Salon Premium

In order to subscribe to our Salon Premium service, you provide Salon with personal information, including your name, address, e-mail address and credit card information. Salon keeps this information confidential and does not sell or distribute it to others in any way.

Salon Premium members have the opportunity to sign up for certain third-party offers, which may include, but aren't limited to, magazine subscriptions and online services. Salon shares the least amount of personal information necessary to fulfill these offers with the third party responsible for the offer. In the case of a magazine subscription this information would include a member's name and shipping address. Third parties may have different policies governing the use of personal information.

At the time of registering for their subscription, Salon Premium subscribers are asked whether they wish to receive e-mail from Salon, such as notification of new Premium benefits. Salon does not sell or distribute to others the list of users who have "opted in" to such mailings.

Other Salon Services

There are other services and features offered by Salon that you may use or to which you may subscribe. These services and features include Salon Newsletters, Letters to the Editor, "E-Mail to a Friend," and Table Talk. If you decide to use or subscribe to one or more of these features, you may be required to submit additional information. Please read the Privacy Policy to learn how that information is handled by Salon.


From time to time, Salon may sponsor sweepstakes, contests or other events that require the collection, processing and storage of individual contact (e.g., name and mailing or e-mail address) and demographic information (e.g., your age and state of residence) to be used for the event. Salon may co-sponsor these events with other companies. In that case your individual contact and demographic information is likely to be shared with other sponsors.

Salon will not release your personal contact and demographic information to any third party other than named sponsors without your consent (except as provided in Section 10). Salon will request that co-sponsors uphold the privacy of your information by not distributing or sharing such information with any other businesses or organizations. However, Salon does not control the information practices of others, and cannot guarantee that they will not disclose your information. will from time to time conduct voluntary surveys of visitors to the site to obtain aggregate demographic information about them. Such information may be compiled and shared in the aggregate with advertisers and other third parties, but no personal details that can be linked to specific individuals will be provided.


The Site includes a feature that allows users to make payments to other users, referred to as "Tips." The process of making such payments, which we refer to as "Tipping," requires you to submit information to Salon and to a third party payment service, Revolution Money Exchange or "RME," in order to establish a Tip Account and in order to make and receive Tips.

The information you will be required to submit in order to create a Tip Account includes the following: your name, e-mail address, street address, phone number, date of birth, and social security number. In order to transfer money between your Tip Account and an existing bank account, you will need to provide additional information. The information you submit to create a Tip Account will be provided to and maintained by RME. It will not be provided to or maintained by Salon.

You understand and agree that the information you provide to establish a Tip Account will be provided to RME, and that the use and disclosure of that information by RME will be governed by the RME Account Holder Agreement, Website Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy. By creating a Tip Account, you represent that you have read and are familiar with these documents, and agree to be bound by them. You can find these documents on the RME website at

If you make a Tip, Salon will collect the following information: your Open Salon member ID (username), the post with which your Tip is associated, the member ID of author of that post, the amount of the Tip, and the date the Tip was made. This information will be stored by Salon until you direct that the Tip is to be paid. When you direct it to be paid, Salon will then send RME the member ID of the user who made the Tip, the member ID of the recipient of the Tip, and the amount of the Tip. RME associates this information with your RME account ID, and uses it to process the Tip payment.

When you make a Tip, the recipient of the Tip will be provided with the following information: your Open Salon member ID (username), the post with which your Tip is associated, the amount of the Tip, and the date the Tip was made.

Salon will have access to the information that it collects regarding Tips. Salon will make some or all of the information regarding the Tips you make and receive available to you through the Tipping feature of the Site. Information regarding Tips collected with Salon will also be provided to RME and to other users as described above. Salon will not otherwise share information regarding your Tipping activity with any third party, except as provided in this Privacy Policy.


Protecting the privacy of young children is important to us. For that reason, we do not collect or maintain information at our Web sites from those we actually know are under 13, and no part of our Web site is structured to attract anyone under 13.


Salon will not use or disclose your personal information (personally identifiable data such as your name, e-mail address, password and the content of your communications) except: (1) as described in the Open Salon Terms of Service or this Privacy Policy; (2) after obtaining your permission for a specific use or disclosure; (3) if Salon is required to do so in order to comply with any valid legal process or governmental request (such as a court order, search warrant, subpoena, civil discovery request or statutory requirement); (4) if Salon determines that disclosure is necessary to protect you, other Open Salon users, or Salon; or (5) as otherwise required by law.


If you have any further questions, concerns or complaints about Open Salon's privacy policies and use of personal information, please send them to